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The Odd Streak story – Where the name originates.


My legion of Australian fans (well, perhaps pluralising the word “fans” is taking some liberties) will be familiar with the name INSANITY STREAK.
However, many of you will not know that the comic strip is actually called ODD STREAK in the United Kingdom.
Interestingly, my editor in the UK renamed the strip ODD STREAK, because he felt the word “Insanity” would offend or rather conjure up a negative attitude towards the mentally ill. He then told me, that “if you don’t like the name ODD STREAK, we won’t run the strip at all!” …I replied, “Call the strip – Revenge of the Azerbaijani Goat herders for all I care.” The rest is history…
So now my United Kingdom readers know why the strip is called The Odd Streak.
For my comic loving Scandinavian readers the strip is called Tony’s Galenskaper in Norway and in Sweden while in Denmark the strip is known as Strejf af galskab, don’t ask me why, they work on a whole other level! In fact, If anyone can give me the exact translation I’ll give you a box of crayons.