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Tony Lopes


Hi there Streak Freaks,

Firstly, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2018 Caption Contest. This year, almost 1000 entries from 8 countries was received, the highest participation since 2012! A brilliant response that once again shows the engaging capacity of comic strips.

The standard of captioning was brilliant and like previous years it was no easy task sifting through the entries.  We know humour is subjective and what is one persons Guffaw often falls flat on others. With such a large volume to sift through, the odds are against you. If any readers feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique… There were a lot of commonly occurring words and phrases. “Take your pet to work Day” and “Wearing Feather Boa’s “and lots of lines about “having a new Squeeze “.

Many factors determine if your caption was considered by the cronies here at Streak HQ.

Nonetheless, I’m sure you’ll agree these finalists below are all worthy winners!


And now…the envelope please….





Ron Gray from Darwin AUSTRALIA 


This caption was the popular choice from all the judges. It creates a wonderful surprise for the reader that evokes the humour. It’s subtle, you almost have to hunt for the joke. But the payoff is rewarding as you imagine the turmoil that will occur once he gets on the bus. A clever approach from Ron who didn’t rely on puns or word play to execute the joke, but rather on the visual element of the cartoon.

Ron wins the signed original artwork, a limited edition signed art print, a personally inscribed “Striving for Quantity” book, $100 iTunes Voucher, 10 x greeting cards, and a packet of my favourite biscuits that I like to have with my morning coffee plus the daily cartoon in his inbox for 1 year. Not to mention the fame!

Well-deserved Ron! In fact, after looking through previous contests, Ron has been a very consistent performing, receiving an honourable mention on four previous occasions!

Now for those interested, when I drew this strip, I had three captions written, but in the end, I decided to open this idea up to the wonderful Streak readers… You can decide if I made the right choice.


My captions…

“Does the 7:27 go via the Zoo? “

“I got it from Amazon “

“He helps me handle the rat race.”


Now, the 2018 Honourable mentions go to the following participants, who will receive the daily cartoon in their inbox for 1 year.


These are in no particular order….


John Fallon

Sydney, Australia

” The only keycard in town that can open up the office and HE has to swallow it! “


” The ad in the paper said ” 100% genuine snakeskin jacket.”


Meredith Isakson

Adelaide, Australia

I hope the bus isn’t late, I don’t have much time.


Colin Edwards

Melbourne, Australia

You wouldn’t happen to have a mongoose in your bag, would you?


Andy Smith

Hereford, England

As glove puppets go – pretty convincing, huh ?


Kyal Shepard

Adelaide, Australia

Ignore me, I’m a method actor practising to be a tree.”


John Young

Kent, England,

 Really!  Well I think you are wrong, it does go with my Crocodile shoes. “


Phil Hopwood

Perth, Australia



Gillian Salter

Hailsham, England

“I don’t believe in killing animals for their skins”


Sean Hema.”

Melbourne  Australia

Can’t wait to get home and unwind”



Canberra, Australia

“I love her to death – I just hope she doesn’t feel the same.”


Tara Nikelis

Adelaide, Australia

He’s into improv – today he’s a jacket”


Kathy Smith

Perth, Australia

Hi folks, meet slowly; he’s my new weight loss assistant, I’m trialling for 30 days …only 28 days to go.


Clare Blower


It was the first thing I pulled out of the basket


Rachel Kemp,

Perth Australia

My law firm believes in transparency.


Miesha Collins

Bundaberg, Australia.

It’s the cheaper version of gastric band surgery!




I enjoyed reading all the entries and look forward to another contest in 2019. Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!

Tony Lopes.


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