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Tony Lopes

‘The Streak’ Caption Contest winners 2020

Hello Streak readers,

Firstly, I need to send my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2020 Caption Contest.
It was seriously a lot of fun reading your wonderful captions.

As with previous contests, the response was overwhelming. There were almost 1,400 entries from eight countries. That’s the highest participation since 2012! It’s amazing what can happen when people are in lockdown and are bored out of their minds!

In any event, a brilliant response that once again shows that comic strips are a community-minded art form and my readers are extremely loyal and engaging.

The standard of entries was excellent and here at Streak HQ, we found it particularly difficult to decide on a winner this year. There are many honourable mentions that could easily have taken out the top gong.

As stated previously, we know humour is subjective and what one person finds funny can fall flat with others. With such a large volume of entries to sift through, the odds are against you. If any of you feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique or not suitable for family newspapers … plenty of captions were along the lines of “I have a bone to pick with you”, or had something about being the top dog or marking territory

The judging panel consisted of respected colleagues and friends whose critical judgement I trust and admire, including sub-editors, cartoonists, comedians and teachers, to name but a few.

I’m sure you’ll agree these finalists are all worthy!

And now… the envelope please …


The winner of the 2020 Caption Contest is …

Larry McCarthy from San Remo, NSW, AUSTRALIA

This caption was popular among all the judges. It’s funny to imagine what the President will do when someone throws a stick that he can’t resist. A clever approach from Larry, who didn’t rely on puns or word play to execute the joke, but rather on creating visual imagery for the reader.

Larry wins the signed original artwork, a limited-edition signed art print, a personally inscribed Striving for Quantity book, a $100 shopping voucher, 10 x greeting cards, a packet of my favourite biscuits that I like to have with my morning coffee, plus the daily cartoon in his inbox for one year. Not to mention the fame!

Well deserved, Larry!

Now, for those interested, when I drew this strip I wrote three possible captions, but then decided the drawing would be great for the caption contest. You can decide if this was the right choice.

My captions:

“I want out.”
“Like me, you’ll start out with some newspaper on the floor.”
“I’m only President until the corporate watchdog find where I buried him.”

Here are the 2020 honourable mentions, in no particular order. They each receive a signed limited-edition Streak print and greeting card.

“Bob, leave those budget papers outside next to the wall and I’ll sign them shortly.”
Rod Harvey, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

“If you need anything just whistle.” And “Busy? Of course! There are days when I feel all I do is run around in circles chasing my own tail.”
Mike Woodall, Sittingbourne, Kent, England

“I would greet you formerly but the HR department sent a memo saying bad boy.”
Simon Galgey, Mossy Point, NSW, Australia

“Why, I do like trees, lampposts and fire hydrants, Mr Wilson. You’ve obviously done some research.”
Pete Herron, Hampshire, England

“I guess when it came to promotion, I just licked all the other candidates.”
Louise Comb, East Yorkshire, England (2015 winner)

“I had to fire either you or Fido from accounts, and quite frankly he’s better at following commands.”
Kyal Shepard, Adelaide, Australia

“So, while I’m busy with the Bradshaw account, I’ll need you to chase the cat from number 57.”
Simon-Paul Miller, Warwickshire, England

“I don’t see the benefit of expanding our colour range.”
Paul Morris, Canberra, Australia

“As my tax adviser, would you recommend I bury my assets?”
Angelo Zorbas, Canberra, Australia

“But moving the store to online means we give more work to mailmen!” And “We may have to move with the times Johnson … The cats on the Executive Team are asking for equal pay.”
Russell Starr, Brighton, SA, Australia

“Your design concept of bringing the outdoors in is brilliant!”
Tara Nikelis, Adelaide, Australia

“I’ve had my eye on your trouser leg for a while now.”
Greg Prior, Sydney, Australia

“It’s lonely at the top Perkins, I need a friend … A best friend!” And “One of your duties is to drive my car – while I run after it.”
Ron Kendal, Tyldesle, Manchester England

“So, you’re the whistle blower?”
Jack Relunia, Unanderra, NSW, Australia

“I see from your resume that you’re a good boy!”
Jeremey Horne, Sydney, Australia

“Play ball with me and a directorship is yours.”
Ken Wilkinson, Yorkshire, England

“Welcome to the firm, Withers. You’ll find I prefer to do my business early in the mornings and late in the evenings.”
James Marshall, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia

“There’s a rumour going around that you don’t cock your leg to pee.”
John Andrews, Brisbane, Australia

“The restrooms here don’t have toilet paper Jones … that’s what the rugs are for.”
Gary Watt, Melbourne, Australia

“How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t pat me in front of the staff!”
James Glanvill, Taylors Lakes, Victoria, Australia

“Can you please stand and turn around. Your face is not familiar to me.”
Ron Gray, Darwin, Australia (winner 2018)

I absolutely loved reading all the entries and look forward to another contest in October 2021. Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!

Tony Lopes

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