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Tony Lopes

‘The Streak’ Caption Contest winners 2023

Hello everyone,

I’ll begin by sending my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered ‘The Streak’ 2023 Caption Contest. It was certainly a lot of fun reading your fantastic captions.

The response was amazing, with almost 700 entries from eight countries! It shows that comic strips are a community-minded art form and Streak readers are extremely loyal, engaging and talented.

The judges here at Streak HQ found it challenging to decide on a winner. There are many honourable mentions that could easily have taken out the top prize. In fact, two were so close in the final voting that a coin toss almost needed to decide the outcome.
The judging panel consisted of respected colleagues and friends whose critical judgement I trust and admire, including sub-editors, cartoonists, comedians and teachers, to name but a few.

I’m sure you’ll agree these finalists are all worthy!

And now … the envelope please …


The winner of the 2023 Caption Contest is …
RON KENDAL from Manchester, England

This caption was popular among all the judges. In fact, five of the eight judges had it in their top three. It’s subtle, understated and creates a great story for this scenario. A nice approach from Ron, who was one of only two entrants who referenced changing the locks.

Ron wins a signed original artwork, a limited-edition signed art print, a personally inscribed Striving for Quantity book, an AUD$50 Amazon voucher, 10 greeting cards, 5 Streak stickers and a packet of my favourite biscuits, which I like to have with my morning coffee.

In addition, Ron’s winning caption will appear as a daily ‘Streak’ in newspapers.

Well deserved, Ron!

You may be interested to know that when I drew this cartoon, I had four possible captions. But then I decided the drawing would be great for the caption contest. You can decide if this was the right decision.

My captions:
It meant nothing – he was just the spare key.
How can I be sure you won’t just twist my insides and leave?
Every time you go, I fall apart.
No kidding, I’m waiting for closing time too.

Here are the 2023 honourable mentions , in no particular order. They each receive a signed limited-edition Streak print, a greeting card and a sticker.

Look, it was a drunken night with a bent paper clip – it’s nothing personal.
John Fallon, Sydney, Australia

This is a first for me. Ordinarily I just hang around locker room doors.
Lee-Ellen Copstead, Kirkhorn, Minnesota, USA

It’s over. You just don’t align my pins anymore.
Allan B

There’s just no work since the lockdown ended.
Paul Morris, Canberra, Australia

Forget the key to my heart. Are you the key to the men’s room?
Robert Welch, Atlanta, USA

I’m glad you came. They were about to use the bolt cutters.
Silvana Lagrotteria

After working for Houdini, most jobs now seem so boring.
So, after you unlock me from the vault, how exactly are we going to move the gold bars?
Russell Starr, Adelaide, Australia

Sorry!! Not tonight!! I’m going in for keyhole surgery!
Vincent Menezes

You’ll probably just abandon me on a Paris bridge.
Raul Kotter, Oak View, California, USA

I graduated from Yale and now I’m in security.
Corum Silverhand

Then I put on weight and became a Chubb lock.
My blind dates usually make a bolt for the door.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales, UK

I have a few skeleton keys in my closet.
Paul Nesja, Wisconsin, USA

Do you like educated men? – I’m from Yale!
Valerie Ganne , Penarth, Wales, UK

I saw the way you looked at that keyhole on the way in.
On first impressions, you’re a better match than the bolt cutters I dated last week.
Kyal Shepard, Adelaide, Australia

Sorry, I’m a combination padlock, but I could give you my number
Simon Paul Miller, Warwickshire, England UK (2021 winner)

Anyway, after the fourth attempt that is when things started to get really weird
I thought you were the key to my heart not my ……..
Ron Gray, Darwin, Australia (2018 winner)


I honestly loved reading all the entries and I look forward to another contest in October 2024.
Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!
Tony Lopes

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