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Tony Lopes

‘The Streak’ Caption Contest winners 2022

Hello Everyone,

I’ll begin by sending my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2022 Caption Contest. It was once again a lot of fun reading your wonderful captions. This year’s contest involving a caveman patient in hospital elicited so many varied captions, and as with previous contests, the response was tremendous. There were almost 800 entries from eight countries submitted.

This response once again shows that comic strips are a community-minded art form and Streak readers are extremely loyal, engaging and very talented.

As I’ve said previously, the judges here at Streak HQ found it challenging to decide on a winner this year. There are many honourable mentions that could have easily taken out the top prize. In fact, three or four were very close in the final voting.
We know humour is subjective and what one person finds funny can fall flat with others. With such a large volume of entries to sift through, the odds are against you. If any of you feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique or not suitable for family newspapers … A plethora of captions this year were about the effects of the paleo diet, administering anaesthetic, going out clubbing and the nursery rhyme, this little piggy, with reference to the caveman’s four toes. Something I didn’t even consider as it’s an unwritten rule for cartoonists to draw four toes.

The judging panel consisted of respected colleagues and friends whose critical judgement I trust and admire, including sub-editors, cartoonists, comedians and teachers, to name but a few.

I’m sure you’ll agree these finalists are all worthy!

And now … the envelope please …

The winner of the 2022 Caption Contest is …
Mark Strout from Massachusetts, USA

This caption was popular among all the judges. In fact, four of the eight judges had it as their number one! It’s subtle, understated it suits the drawing perfectly. You believe this is exactly what a Doctor would say as he enters the room. A smart approach from Mark, who was the only entrant to reference a caveman looking upright.

Mark wins the signed original artwork, a limited-edition signed art print, a personally inscribed Striving for Quantity book, a $100AUD Amazon voucher, 10 greeting cards, 5 x Streak stickers and a packet of my favourite biscuits that I like to have with my morning coffee.

In addition, Mark’s winning caption will appear as a daily “Streak” in newspapers,

Well deserved, Mark!

Now, for those interested, when I drew this cartoon I had a few possible jokes, but then decided the drawing would be great for the caption contest. You can decide if this was the right choice.

My captions:
And what did you eat at this Fancy dress party
Well, your faith in Cryogenics has paid off.
We’ll have you up and evolving in no time.
Nurse, see if he has any prehistoric conditions.

Here are the 2022 honourable mentions, in no particular order. They each receive
a signed limited-edition Streak print, greeting card and sticker.


“He has no family history”
“You’re a hunter, I gather”
Vin Coca, New York, USA

“We appreciate your enthusiasm but patients cannot supply their own anaesthetic.”
John Fallon, Sydney, Australia

“I’m afraid it’s COVID 19,000 BC.”
Marc S. Siegel USA

“On the bright side, you will get a chair with wheels, and be a hit with your friends.”
Miesha Collins, Bundaberg, Qld, Australia

“And this little dinosaur stayed at home.”
John Houtsmeyer, London, UK

“We can organise a firmer mattress and bedding if you prefer.”
Sandra Leriche Canberra, Australia

“We’ll have you out of here, as soon as you invent the wheel-chair.”
“You’ll need a sabretooth cat scan.”
Paul Nesja Wisconsin, USA

“Let’s go with next of species, rather than next of kin.”
Peter Treseder, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Not another stuntman injured on the set of the latest Jurassic Park film?”
Valerie Ganne, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK

“You’ve had this pain HOW LONG!
The tests are negative but if it happens again come back in ten thousand years.
Irene Brindley, BIRMINGHAM, UK

“I thought something was funny when I saw a dinosaur parked in the NO STANDING zone”.
Rod Brown, Sydney, Australia

We’ll chisel you in for Friday morning.
Linda Poindexter, Florida, USA

You haven’t been Googling your symptoms, have you?
Kyal Shepard, Adelaide, SA, Australia

“I’m not joking – laughing gas is a better way to knock you out “
Simon Paul Miller, Warwickshire, UK (2021 winner)

“Three point seven million years in a coma must be a new hospital record, matron.”
David Wardle, Canberra, ACT, Australia

We’ve evolved another toe since your last visit.”
Barry Hodges, USA

This is not a good time to be alive. We can refreeze you if you like
We are searching the local zoos for a compatible donor.
Scott Malcolm, Ontario, Canada


I honestly loved reading all the entries and look forward to another contest in October 2023.
Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!
Tony Lopes

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