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Tony Lopes

‘The Streak’ Caption Contest winners 2021

Hello Streak readers,

Firstly, I’d like to send my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2021 Caption Contest. It was once again a lot of fun reading your wonderful captions.

As with previous contests, the response was overwhelming. There were almost 1,100 entries from eight countries.

In any event, a brilliant response that once again shows that comic strips are a community-minded art form and Streak readers are extremely loyal, engaging and talented.

The standard of entries was excellent and here at Streak HQ, we found it challenging to decide on a winner this year. There are many honourable mentions that could easily have taken out the top prize.

As stated previously, we know humour is subjective and what one person finds funny can fall flat with others. With such a large volume of entries to sift through, the odds are against you. If any of you feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique or not suitable for family newspapers … plenty of captions this year were along the lines of “you’re putting words in my mouth”, or included a reference to having “the right to remain silent”, or ended with “he had a hand in it”.

The judging panel consisted of respected colleagues and friends whose critical judgement I trust and admire, including sub-editors, cartoonists, comedians and teachers, to name but a few.

I’m sure you’ll agree these finalists are all worthy!

And now … the envelope please …


The winner of the 2021 Caption Contest is …

Simon Paul Miller from Warwickshire, ENGLAND

This caption was popular among all the judges. In fact, four of the eight judges had it as their favourite. It’s funny to imagine the ventriloquist performing the drinking trick while the dummy swears the oath. It tells a story – which is what a good caption does – without relying on puns or word play. It was a smart approach from Simon, who was the only entrant to reference the classic ventriloquist’s trick of drinking a glass of water.

After contacting Simon on this life-changing occasion, he informed me that he has actually produced a series of comedy podcasts and has some experience writing comedy. Simon knows his stuff. Check out his website at

Simon wins the signed original artwork, a limited-edition signed art print, a personally inscribed Striving for Quantity book, a $100AUD shopping voucher, 10 greeting cards, a packet of my favourite biscuits that I like to have with my morning coffee, plus the daily cartoon in his inbox for one year. Not to mention the fame!

Well deserved, Simon!

Now, for those interested, when I drew this cartoon I wrote three possible captions, but then decided the drawing would be great for the contest. You can decide if this was the right choice.

My captions:

“Yeah, I did it, but he had a hand in it.”

“I’m happy to swear on the bible, but I’m not sure about this guy.”

“I couldn’t flee the crime scene because the show had to go on.”

Here are the 2021 honourable mentions, in no particular order. They each receive a signed limited-edition Streak print, book and sticker.


“Will the judge take into consideration time already spent in a suitcase?”

Malcolm Sargeant, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

“Tell the judge to stop banging my brother’s head on the bench.”

Stan Giles, Monbulk, Vic, Australia

“My testimony is based on first-hand experience, Your Honour.”

David Chu, Liverpool, England, UK

“I said, ‘You can’t make me!’ Turns out he could.”

Miesha Collins, Bundaberg, Qld, Australia

“… and it was at this point where I felt I had the upper hand.”

Angus Wishart, Claremont, Tas, Australia

“Why do you think I’m suing? This guy is stalking me.”

John Burton, Greater Manchester, England, UK

“I don’t want to dry rot in jail.” and I thought this would be an open and shut suitcase.”

Paul Nesja Wisconsin, USA

“We both went for paper!”

Dixie Lynch, Hyden, Western Australia

“Are you suggesting there are things going on behind my back?”

Robert Hudson, Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I swear I didn’t see anything. My eyes are painted on!”

Joanne Waterhouse, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

“… so he said to me, ‘Go on then, you take the wheel’.”

Michael Collins, Hertfordshire, England, UK

“I’ve told you, it’s no use asking me – all my evidence is word of mouth.”

Chris Sanders, UK

“I’m to be incarcerated? Phew, that’s a relief. I thought you said ‘incinerated’.”

Tom Charlton, Adelaide, SA, Australia

“I’m this gentleman’s interpreter. He doesn’t speak English.”

Jake Reid, Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

“I’d like to comment on what an all-round handsome, intelligent and innocent man the accused is.”

Kyal Shepard, Adelaide, SA, Australia

The perpetrator was a ventriloquist? Well, that’s easy for you to say.”

Louise Comb, East Yorkshire, England UK (2015 winner)

“I’ll admit, self-control is not my strong point.”

Paul Morris, Canberra, ACT, Australia

“We were just having a picnic when, WHAM, the woodpecker attacked.”

Russell Starr, Adelaide, SA, Australia

I absolutely loved reading all the entries and look forward to another contest in October 2022. Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!

Tony Lopes

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