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Tony Lopes


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  1. Lyn Cartwright

    My friend loves reading Insanity Streak in our local paper so I thought she would love to have one cartoon every day.

    • Tony Lopes

      Thanks for the thoughtful gift Lyn.

  2. Jamie Clarke

    I have been a massive fan for a very, very long time. Didn’t know I could subscribe and I highly recommend it.

    • Tony Lopes

      Love your work Jamie, thanks for signing up to receive the daily cartoons.

  3. Tru

    Corporations ditching our daily comics in the daily newspapers just made our world’s insanity more real and more depressing. We NEED comics to keep some form of Sanity in this world.

  4. Brendan Leahy

    I just miss my daily Insanity Streak so much since the Hun dropped its cartoon page.

  5. Wayne

    I miss opening my local paper and turning to the cartoon section to get a little sanity to start the day.

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